Quanzhou Karassn Security Protection Electronics Co., Ltd.

Date: 21st October 2015
KS-200B Long-distance Alarm System

1) 1-100 Independent wireless zones can be armed/disarmed independently,Common zone and emergency zone can be defined at will.
2) The detectors can automatically match codes with alarm host. it's simple and tast.
3) Two groups of timer-open/time-colse time can be set, and it also indicate the current state.
4) Three kinds of alarm sound and four levels of alarm volumes are optional.
5) 10 pieces of latest alarm message can be scroll display simultaneously.
6) 60 pieces of latest alarm message can be inquiried.
7) A group of normal open, a group of normal close and +12V DC outputting are provided to control other devices ( e.g., startup alarm siren, alarm light, alarm linkage and etc.)