Quanzhou Karassn Security Protection Electronics Co., Ltd.

Date: 21st October 2015
wireless home alarm systems KS-899E

1.   LCD display
2.   16 wireless zones & 4 wired zones, The 4 wired zones will share wireless zone from 12-16 zone. Each wireless zone for one Detector.  Can program 8 remote controllers.
3.    8 preset phone number, users can program for common phone or CONTACT ID.
4.    Can program AT HOME/ AWAY HOME.  Zone list & zone attribute can be defined easy.
5.    Alarm telephone priority
6.    Can perform ARM/DISARM, activate siren, monitor and display record when process alarm phone
7.    Can command alarm panel remotely
8.    AC power cut, main unit & PIR detector power lower will inform the users